Getting a baby to sleep through the night is one of the hardest things a parent has to learn. For Levi and I, it hasn’t been all that tough, until lately. Noah bean started sleeping through the night when he was around 2 months old. He slept extremely well and was usually good for about 8-10 hours. I loooooved it! But as always, all good things must come to an end. We introduced solid foods to Noah at around 4 months, which he enjoys quite a bit, but it began interrupting his sleep patterns. My sister in law put it quite nicely- ” I don’t know what it is, babies are such great sleepers the first few months. Then you introduce solid foods and they are all out of wack”. The solid foods weren’t as bad as what started happening about a month ago: teething. Teething has been keeping Noah up into all hours of the night, needing more comfort than he did the first weeks of his life. It begins with us not being able to put him down for bed time ( it takes at least 3 times, and we are lucky if he’s in bed by 1030), and it continues with a 2 AM feeding ( a full feeding) and then it ends with an early rise, around 6. And naptime is even less predictable. Levi and I have tried everything to get him to sleep: rocking, singing, teethers, but nothing works consistently. Sleep has been difficult, but it helps knowing that this is not out of the ordinary. Our pediatrician says that he is going through a developmental stage and to just let him get through it. If by 1030 he’s been fed, changed and bathed and he still doesn’t want to to to bed, we can try letting him cry it out for about 5-10 minutes to see if he can put himself to sleep. Well, at 6 months old, that’s where we are at: teaching Noah to sooth himself to sleep. It’s going to be a difficult step for me to take, for Noah has nursed himself to sleep every night since he was born. Although I am extremely excited that Noah is growing and developing normally, I am still not ready for my baby to not need me to put him to sleep. But I know that him learning to soothe himself won’t happen over night, so I will most likely enjoy nursing him to sleep more as the nights he needs me lessen. Boy, I never thought being a mom would bring me so much joy and so much heartache. So far we have tried putting him down awake the past 2 nights and boy did he cry! The first night I lasted 7 minutes before picking him up, last night I lasted 12. But I know eventually he will get there, it just takes patience.
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