Last night, Levi and I decided to continue the CIO method and after almost 30 minutes of crying, we gave up. But I realized something after listening to other mom’s experiences and doing research of my own, that the CIO method may not be right for Noah. The reason it was my sleep training choice was because that’s what our families have been telling us to do, to let him “cry it out”. But that’s not the only way for Noah to learn to sleep. In fact, as I mentioned in my last post, Noah sleeps through the night but has been waking up because of teething discomfort and he should be comforted through that. He hasn’t had teething issues the last couple of nights and he’s slept 8 hours straight, which is normal for him. And it also helps getting good naps in during the day. He usually takes 2 good ones (when he’s not dealing with teething discomfort). These sleep training methods are for babies who haven’t yet or don’t sleep through the night and that’s not Noah. He definitely shows signs of being able to sooth himself. I just laid him down for a nap and he woke up as I put him down. He just rolled over onto his side, started sucking his thumb and fell right back asleep. I think he knows how to sooth himself, I see it a lot in him when he’s upset: the kid sucks his thumb. Not only is sucking his thumb the most adorable thing, but it actually helps him learn how sooth himself. And love nursing him to sleep at night. It not only let’s me know that’s he’s full, but I get to bond with him as well and I’m going to miss that when he out grows it. Also, Noah just may be one of those kiddos who needs a little extra comfort and nurturing and for now, that’s ok. He’s a baby! Not an adult! They need to feel safe and secure.
I absolutely believe that he should be able to fall asleep on his own when I put him in his crib wide awake, but we just aren’t there yet and that’s really ok, because we aren’t far off. I think working on that more often during his nap time is a great way to get him used to that. I will keep you posted!
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