When I walk into a cooking store, I immediately begin to daydream about so many things: hosting big dinner parties, eating romantic dinners out on the patios in cafes all over Europe, the romantic ambiance of drinking wine with Levi . But most of all, I dream of having the skill to cook anything and actually needing the items one finds in a cooking store, and of course knowing how to use them. Do you think it’s possible to have the knowledge and skill set of someone who has been through culinary school without actually having to go to culinary school? I wanted to take a couple of cooking classes while I was pregnant with Noah but I never made it happen. Gosh I would really like to now, but I just don’t know which one to take first!
Now that I am a stay at home mom, I really want to expand my knowledge and horizons when it comes to cooking, so I decided to try out 1 new recipe every week. For the most part, they have been really delicious. There was one dish, however that pushed it a little. It was a pasta with white beans, cabbage, vegetable broth and parmesan cheese. I found the recipe in Parents magazine. I think it was the white beans that Levi and I agreed to be the disaster of the pasta. So last night I tried something new, without Levi, something I created myself. I sauteed some red potatoes with olive oil and chopped garlic. I used chili powder, red pepper, thyme and red curry for spice and flavor. I then added some spinach and tomatoes to sautee for a couple minutes ( which is why I tried it without Levi, he hates tomatoes and cooked spinach). I then put in the mixture into a bowl and drizzled it with sirracha sauce (see picture). The combination as a whole wasn’t too bad, although it was a little bland believe it or not. But it was nice to branch out a little bit, away from pasta, burritos and veggie burgers (ooh which I have a wonderful homemade recipe for by the way). Anyways, can’t wait for next week’s adventurous recipe: vegetarian meatballs.
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Have a fabulous day!

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