Well we did it. We took the road many have traveled. The road everyone says that if you take, you can never look back. We decided to let now cry himself to sleep, no ifs, ands or buts about it this time. And its by far the hardest thing I have had to do as a parent thus far (which in all fairness, this is really the first hard thing I have dealt with since he’s not circumcised). The decision came to us after a consistent week of Noah refusing to go to bed at a decent hour; and by decent I mean before 11pm. We realize that he is at an age where a lot of things can be going on with him and keeping him up at night: teething, constipation from introducing solid foods, a growth spurt, or just a big developmental change. One if not all of these things we have noticed. But its just not ok for him to stay up so late and for us to let him on a nightly basis. Especially since this has been going on for about a month now, and I haven’t changed his nightly routine either, the routine I started that had him sleeping through the night so early.

Noah has been doing really well this week in soothing himself for nap time. The past 3 days (approximately 6 naps) he has only nursed himself to sleep twice. The other times he has just laid down and starting sucking his tumbling while dozing off. I am so proud of him when he falls asleep all on his own.

Last night was the first night of him CIO and I think I cried the whole time he did, which was about an hour 😥 . I never felt like such a bad parent. But a few things happened that actually made sense and helped. First, Levi said that this was just one of the things that will hurt us more than it hurts him (I am guessing the next thing will be disciplining him). Second, my mom told me about how she had to let my older brother cry himself to sleep when he was about Noah’s age and that she also cried the entire time (funny how she doesn’t remember how she got me and my younger sister to sleep…). But she also told me that Noah still loved me in the morning, and he will love me tomorrow morning. Boy, I can’t wait to see him tomorrow morning, just to clarify that he actually still does love me! So, to help distract me, I am writing as Noah is falling asleep, and it is actually going better tonight. He isn’t crying as hard as last night and he is now asleep after about 35 minutes. Almost half the time of what it took him to fall asleep last night.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who gave us advice, stories, sympathy and understanding. Being a first time mom sure does take a lot of navigating. And sometimes Levi and I will take a wrong turn and wind up at a dead end somewhere, but I know we will always find our way back. As much as I may not like some of the decision(s) we have to make regarding Noah and how he is raised, I know we have to do what is best for us and ultimately what’s best for Noah. I had a lot of negative feelings towards letting Noah cry himself to sleep, but it turned out to be what was best for us and for Noah. We are just too tired of the rocking, and the walking and the walking and the rocking…and he needs to learn to go to bed with out the rocking and the walking, which really weren’t getting the job done anymore anyway.
I am so thankful to have the family that I do, and the life that I have. Noah is an amazing baby whose personality comes to be more and more everyday.
Until next time….
Have a fabulous day!

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