After reading this, I don’t believe I have any right to complain about how rough I view my life as being. For the past few weeks, Levi and I have been frustrated and trying to figure out how we are going to sell our one bedroom condo that we currently live in. It’s been a wonderful place to live for the past 6 years, but with Noah getting older, it’s time to move on. Noah’s crib is in our room and for the past few nights, Levi and I have slept in our
living room on our pull out sofa because Noah is becoming more aware of us being in the room and wakes up when we go to bed. Having to sleep in our living room for a few nights is nothing compared to what these women and children are going through right now. They have no food or health care and many die trying, walking the many miles it takes to get help. I couldn’t imagine not being able to feed Noah, or even have him be so sick from malnutrition that I have to watch him die. After reading this, a family of 3 living in a one bedroom apartment doesn’t seem so bad.
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