As a mom who continually worries about what I feed my baby, and is constantly looking for new creative ways to eat healthy, I really enjoyed this blog post. This mama is right, if I don’t want my children eating junk food, then I should not buy it. I shouldn’t be worried what others might think of me if I don’t buy my kids happy meals or let them eat macaroni and cheese for every meal. Or even drink pop! I really don’t see my kids eating any of that stuff. I saw a mom today at church give her daughter a Dr. Pepper and cookies at 10 in the morning and I thought to myself, why? All it did was hype her up that she couldn’t be quiet during church. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure that I will purchase some junk food items here and there, but I know they won’t be a regular occupant of my grocery cart. My ultimate goal is for my kids to be active and healthy. And if that means I get the weird looks and comments for not taking my kids to McDonalds, well then I am ok with that.
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