I never realized how much nothing I knew of something until Noah was sick for first time. I put him down for bed Wednesday night, asking Levi if we should be worried about Noah being a little warm. He said no because, as per his usual self, Noah was happy as could be. About an hour later, he woke up screaming, and he was burning up. I took his temperature and it was 102.5. Not too high, but high enough for me to call the on-call pediatrician. When they returned my page, she suspected that he was maybe getting a cold and this was his body’s way of fighting it off. Noah really didn’t have any cold symptoms, but I took her instructions of giving him ib profen for his fever and he actually went straight back to bed. The next morning he was still running a fever and his fussiness increased moderately. I gave him more ib profen for his fever. His mood increasingly got worse. He was crying almost to the point of screaming most of the morning. He didn’t want to eat solid foods he normally cannot seem to get enough of. When I tried to lay him down for a nap, he literally screamed in pain. And nursing was very inconsistent, as that seemed to also be painful for him. By the time Levi got home from work at 230, I was exhausted and had no clue what was wrong with Noah. We took his temperature and he still had a fever. So we called the doctor again and this time they wanted me to bring him into the office, as they thought he might have an ear infection. The only problem was, our car was in the shop getting new brakes and I had no way to get him to the pediatrician. I was so frustrated and felt so helpless for my screaming, obviously in pain that I couldn’t comfort, Noah bean. They said I could wait until the morning to bring him in and to treat the supposed ear infection with ib profen. I had to be ok with that, so that’s what we did. Unfortunately, ib profen is to be administered every 6-8 hours but it was wearing off between 4-5. The rest of the day and night was hell. Noah wasn’t eating or sleeping. We couldn’t calm him down long enough for him to sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time. I came very close to taking Noah and walking down the street to Rose Medical Center’s ER because I couldn’t take the screaming anymore. Luckily I have a patient husband who, at 1:00 in the morning, told me to go to bed and that he’d take care of Noah (he had to be at work at 630am). He finally calmed down Noah enough for me to get a couple hours of sleep. 900 couldn’t come sooner.
My sister drove Noah and I to the pediatrician Friday morning, and to my surprise, Noah didn’t have an ear infection. He had a viral infection, and it was causing him to have a cold soar on the back of his throat. I was relieved that he didn’t have an ear infection, but discouraged to find out that there was nothing they could do for him, that he was just to tough it out. The doctor desceibed the soar as something that’s extremely painful for babies, like strep throat but without needing the antibiotics. The soar could take up to 6 days to go away. They did say, however, we could still treat the pain with ib profen. Not much of a relief if you ask me. Noah still wouldn’t eat on Friday, and was up every 2 hours screaming Friday night. But I do have to say, it was easier to handle the screaming knowing what was causing it.
He is doing much better today. We only needed to give him the medicine two times today, as opposed to every 5 hours he was getting it the past couple of days. Food has still been iffy, but nursing is consistent. We made it 8 months and 2 weeks and almost 3 seasons without Noah getting sick. I am so grateful for that, because him getting sick just reminds me that he is in fact human, and that scares me as well as excites all at the same time.
Until next time…
Have a fabulous day!