In honor of football Sunday (which so happened to be Tim Tebow’s first start of the season), I wanted to make soup. I found a good recipe for cheddar soup, which I believe to be appropriate game day food. Well, it wasn’t as cheesy as I thought it would be, let alone how cheesy I wanted it to be. Although, it was a very simple recipe to prepare. I sauteed apples, carrots, celery and potatoes in olive oil for about 7-8 minutes. I then added vegetable broth and let the mixture simmer for about 15-20 minutes, until everything was nice and tender. I then transfered the mixture to a blender and blended it all until of was smooth. I then put the puree back into the original pot and wisked in a 1/2 pound of grated cheddar cheese and worsteshire sauce. Though it had amazing flavor, to me it wasn’t cheesy enough, nor even close to the thickness I had anticipated it would have, being a cheese soup and all (and Levi wasn’t a real fan). I really wanted Noah bean to have some, but he wasnt feeling well.
Oh well, we tried something new, and it wasn’t a total bust. And the Denver Broncos won an incredible game in a come from behind victory. Sunday couldn’t have been any better.

Until next time…
Have a fabulous day!