A couple of weeks ago, Levi and I watched the documentary “fat, sick and nearly dead”. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s about a guy who weighs over 300 pounds and goes on a juice fast for 60 days. He juices fruits and vegetables every day, for every meal. It’s incredible what it does for him. He refers to it as a body “reboot”, which is exactly what it does. It cleans out all of the nasty, processed foods and junk our bodies just cannot digest. It gives your body a fresh start, in hopes you can make smarter choices about what you put in your body after the fast. The guy in the film lost 82 pounds during the 60 day fast, while also changing his lifestyle to be more active. It’s amazing the transformation he went through and how motivated it made Levi and me.

So, we went out and bought a juicer. That’s right. I didn’t care about losing weight and getting back to my pre preggo body for the first year after Noah was born. I was nursing him and wasn’t one of the lucky 38 percent of women that lose weight when they breast feed. I had to eat to produce enough milk for Noah. That was my priority. Now that he is done nursing, I can put more effort into losing weight. And a juice fast seems like a healthy, safe way for me to do it. One thing that Levi and I talked about before agreeing to do this, was my experiences with an eating disorder. I was in treatment a few years back for it, and feel confident I can do something this drastic, and not fall back into bad habits and my thoughts. Hence, the blog. I am hoping that writing about my experience with this fast and possibly getting some support and feedback will help me stay in control.

I am on the second day of the fast. The terms: I will juice fruits and vegetables and drink only that for 10 days, as much as I want.
Weight loss: for the sake of staying out of my head, I am not weighing myself, nor do I know how much I weigh or how much I gained while pregnant. I will judge the weight loss by the ability to fit into pre preggo clothes.
Exercise: Levi bought me an elliptical for my bday, and plan on working out everydayish (let’s face it, I am a mom, I may have a chance every day) of this fast. Buying the fruits and veggies is going to be a little expensive, so we will be hitting Costco for most of it. Costco has a 10 pound of apples, which lasts about 2 days, and a 4 pound bag of spinach.

Day 1 juice recipe: 9 apples, 2 cucumbers and about a pound of spinach. This juice was extremely delicious and made enough juice for Monday and Tuesday morning. I did not exercise on day one, as my body was trying to get used to this drastic change and did not have a lot of energy. I unfortunately cheated though. I did fine while at work, but the minute I got home, I was starving! I had some crackers and yogurt…oops.

Day 2 Juice Recipe: 6 apples, 2 tubs of blueberries and about a pound of spinach. This juice was better than the last. The taste was a little sweet and sour from the blueberries, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t notice a difference in my clothes, but I did notice an increase in energy today. I worked out after Noah went to bed.
1000 steps (or 15min) on the elliptical. It felt good, productive. I, ugh, cheated again today. I need to figure out how to handle coming home, where there is food at my disposal. Self control is hard when your tummy is growling. The juice does fill me up but it goes right through me. And after a pitcher of it, you kind of want a different taste. But I am still committed to it and I think I can make it through tomorrow with out cheating and have a solid 8 days strictly on the juice fast. I juiced tomorrow’s juice already: 6 apples, 5 cucumbers, 2 tubs and blueberries, a pound of spinach and carrots. The juicer plugged up towards the end, so there aren’t a lot of carrots. I added some water to it and have about half of a pitcher of juice to start tomorrow. Wish me luck. And thanks for reading!!! Hopefully I can report interesting and positive adventures.

Until next time….
Have a fabulous day!