I have decided that my supposed first day of this juice fast doesn’t count, since I didn’t start it till lunch time. So today marks my second full day. And I am starving!!! Gosh, its hard not to eat. But I did a little better today. I had some blueberries. My energy level was still up, although it was rough this morning until I started drinking the juice. I am juicing at night, preparing my juice for the following day. I find it pretty empowering, taking TONS of fruits and veggies, putting them in the juicer, knowing that all of it will be in my body, cleaning it, nourishing and making it strong and healthy. It’s a good feeling to start the day with, and end the day with.

Todays juice recipe: 6 apples, 2 tubs of blueberries, 5 cucumbers, 1 pound of spinach and a handful of spinach. This made about half a pitcher and I had just enough to last through dinner. I could really taste the cucumber and it was really refreshing. I take the pitcher to work with me, and I gotta tell ya, I get some stranger looks walking the streets if downtown Denver.

Exercise: 1000 steps on the elliptical, which I accomplished in 12 minutes tonight. So tomorrow we will stride for 2000 steps.

Tomorrow’s juice recipe: 7 apples, 8 cucumbers, and 3 lbs of carrots and 1/4 pound spinach. I am finding that spinach, though great in smoothies, doesn’t juice very well. Kale may be the better option.
This made 3/4 of a pitcher. Cannot wait to try it in the morning.

Until next time,
Have a fabulous day!