I had such a wonderful evening, spending time with my grammy and brother. I think the best part of tonight (it absolutely was not the food) was seeing my brother and grandma play with Noah. It’s so amazing to see how comfortable they are interacting with him. So I attempted to make the wonderful Thai cusine that makes my mouth water every time its aroma fills my nose. However, it did turn out how I had hoped (recipe posted above). I followed the recipe pretty close, although I believe I used too many noodles, so I doubled up the sauce. It was ok, actually kind of salty. Either my fish sauce or pad Thai sauce hadtoo much salt, because the recipe did not call for it. It did, however, have some spice to it, which is always a plus when making Thai food. My brother and grandma said it was very good, though I believe they were just being polite. Either way, I did it. I finally made my own pad Thai. Now I can promptly order my medium vegetable pad Thai from Thai house tomorrow to cleanse my palate from the mediocre pad Thai that I created this evening.

Until next time….
Have a fabulous day!