Reading about Whole Foods making a deal with Monsanto has made me extremely angry and sad. If you have read the article, you read about a representative of Whole Foods stating that the “decade battle against GMO’s has been lost”, and that they hope to ” be able to work together and find common ground”. Whole Foods was one of the only places I could walk into, and feel like I am taking care of myself with their products, that I couldn’t make a bad purchase there for my family. Now, I just feel let down, like a little child who just found out there’s no Santa Claus.

As a parent, I shouldn’t have to worry about what pesticide will be going into my child’s mouth. I shouldn’t have to worry about my daughter getting her period at 9 years old because of the growth hormones that have been injested into our foods. It is a basic human right to have access to safe, healthy foods at an affordable cost. But we don’t have that. The availability is getting smaller and smaller, and the accessibility is even smaller to affordable organic, raw, “not tampered with” produce and meats. Even before the aforementioned deal, Whole Foods already carried a number of GMO”s, labeling these products as “all natural”. Is money and power really worth it?? To have the lives of more than 80% of the country at risk from eating genetically modified foods? Of course the people who are approving these foods and financially backing Monsanto can afford to buy organic foods and eat kind foods for their bodies. I just hope it’s worth it for them, to have a diet many countries around the world won’t even touch. To have so many new cancers and diseases develop as a result of our food.

But my true hope is that one day we go back to local farming, neighbors helping one another out because they want to, not because there’s something in it for them. A world where we only eat what God has created for us to eat, and not indulging in heavily processed foods because they are the only foods we can afford. A world where I can walk into a grocery store and not spend hours reading labels and searching for foods that are “OK” to feed my family.

Unfortunately, there is too much money involved for that to happen… possibly ever again.