New produce has arrived!! I am beginning to love Fridays 🙂
The delivery guy comes when the kiddos are napping, so when Noah wakes up I tell him his plums are here and he helps me unpack the box. He loves helping out. The fruits and veggies are packed free in the box, for the most part. So it’s a real change from having them in bags from the store. I buy their storage bags to store most of it and keep them fresh all week until we eat them.

This is the last week I am going to blog consistently about this new budget. I do thoroughly enjoy blogging about budgets and cooking and what not, but it takes up a lot of time, and after this past week with a sick baby, I don’t want to feel bad for missing the deadline I set for myself. But I will keep posting recipes and culinary adventures I embark on, just probably not as often.

OK, this week’s produce!

1 green head of cabbage
1 large sweet potato
2 red tomatoes
1 lb strawberries
2 yellow nectarines
1 cantaloupe
1 stalk of celery
3 russet potatoes
2 zucchini
1 mango
1 pluot
1 romaine lettuce
4 yellow peaches
1 green onions bunch
4 red plums

I love my box this week. I feel like this is the most fruits and veggies I have gotten since I started with this company. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all gone come Monday!! Well, OK, maybe Tuesday….

Until next time…
Have a fabulous day!!!