This summer I kind of made a promise to myself and my unavoidably warm house, to not turn on my oven. So my summer meal plan has been made up of salads, smoothies, noodles and more salads. Oh and yes, two nights a week we grill. Plant based grilling!!??? What the heck is that??? Well in all fairness, my husband is still a meat-a-sarous and my made from scratch hamburgers are his favorite thing to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I dream of the day when he ditches his red meat, leaves his love of affair of bacon wrapped with bacon behind and joins me in the land of beans and greens, but that’s just not who he is. And I love him for keeping me more balanced when it comes to food. We have an iron vegetable basket that we’ve always grilled our vegetables with. But grilling vegetables is not a new thing to me, or anyone I would think. But grilling fruit is a new concept for me. I mean, a charred piece of fruit… how can that be considered good??? The barbecue flavor is supposed to elevate the sweetness of the fruit while giving it a slight savory after taste…um what?? I had to try it for myself. Grilling pineapples, yes I have heard of that. That wasn’t what peaked my interest though. Peaches. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to grill peaches. So last weekend, for our weekend grill day, grilled peaches were on the menu. I halved and pitted 4 peaches, very lightly brushed them with sesame oil and layed them in the grill face down for only a few minutes, until the peaches started to feel soft. I then put some cinnamon and sugar in the middle and let it melt. I served them along side peanut noodles we were having for dinner (peanut noodles and grilled peaches, what a match eh??) 

 I took a bite and was immediately met with a warm, juicy, sweet peach that literally melt in my mouth! And the barbecue after taste was amazing! I never would have thought that a grill and a piece of fruit would pair together so wonderfully. I highly recommend grilling up some peaches for your next barbecue or get together. They would make a great side dish or dessert. My kids loved them! 

Until next time, 

Have a fabulous day!