I have been looking back at my blog posts and I seem to be a spring and summer blogger, not so much of one the rest of the year. For those who follow me I apologize for my inconsistency! There is a lot going on in my life right now and a lot to be excited about. I hope I can work blogging into my day to day as I have a few projects I’m working on!
First, I am in love with this new cook book At Home in the Whole food Kitchen. When I first cracked open the pages and drooled over the chef’s pantry and culinary works of art, my inner Julia Child jumped out of me….I have to cook thru this cook book!!! I read word for word, over 200 pages how this author has the life I would have if I didn’t have kids. She lives in New York City (arguably the best city ever) and shops farmers markets and lives only on whole foods. Not a cheap lifestyle by any means. But my “someday” way to live life for sure! Is it totally copycat to do a blog about cooking thru a cookbook and blessing the Internet with my failures and success in cooking food I have never made before? Sharing the pictures and brag over the yumminess my tastebuds are experiencing (well, hopefully!)?? Oh I hope not because I am SO doing it!!! Well, eventually. A new kitchen island to help craft my future culinary masterpieces will be my gift to myself after I pass my nurse aid class and certification exam in August. That’s right….I’m going back to school! After months of praying and talking it over with the hubby, we narrowed down what that next step in life for me is. I contemplated getting a job at a non profit, which is where my current degree would fit. But something draws me to hospitals….I just want to be a part of the craziness and knowledge that lives in those walls. Metro State, my alma mater, has an accelerated nurses program for those already having their bachelor’s degree in a non nursing field…well that’s me! But it’s 17 months long and very intense, as I would be in class and clinicals all day long, everyday, for 17 months. I am not capable of doing that right now, as I have 3 little ones at home with me, for the next 4 years. However, in order to apply to the program, I need 250 CNA work hours. What a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and make sure nursing is what God has called me to do! And if not, I’m out a fraction of what nursing school costs and I am onto discover my next adventure. Please be praying for me as I take on becoming a CNA, it’s scary for me to consider leaving my kids and taking this next step in my life. But I am so ready! Being a SAHM has been the most rewarding and difficult experience of my life and I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to do it. Class begins the end of May and goes through the middle of July. I will be able to take the nurse aid exam as early as late July. My ideal job or dream job would be to find a night shift, Friday and Saturdays and have it be on the mom and baby floor of a hospital, or oncology department at Children’s Hospital. Yes, both departments hire CNAs! And who knows, being a CNA may be enough for me and I won’t need to pursue nursing school. But I have a feeling that I will want to be more hands on with patients than a CNA will allow. We will see! It’s such a joy to be pursuing this.

Three Little Monsters

Lastly, I have been given the gift of hospitality. I am the happiest when I am in my kitchen, cooking barefoot and have “sad girl” music, as my husband calls it, blaring. I absolutely love hosting people in my home, and blessing them with a home cooked meal, in hopes we can enjoy one another’s company and fellowship. As far as this blog goes, how can I expand it and incorporate my hospitality into it? How can I make it grow? If anyone who stumbles across this blog has any ideas, please let me know. I want my blog to be more than a diary…I want it to thrive and maybe be a light for someone going through a hard time, or someone in need of a good recipe or dinner party idea. Someone needing encouragement through a rough day. I have many things to write about and ideas to share, and have every intention of keeping up on this, even in my off months! I just need a push. So please oh please bare with my as I go through this transition. It may be the best decision you ever made!


It is officially salsa season! And why do I say that? Because tomatoes are soon going to be so ripe and juicy (hopefully from my tomatoe plant) and won’t cost an arm and leg at the store. I have spoiled my husband into preferring only my salsa, and as flattered as I am it’s hard to keep up making it! But I had to make some tonight as it was spicy sofritas night!! I make a copy cat Chipotle sofritas every week….although mine is a million times better than Chipotle’s!!! And, just like my green chili recipe, my salsa recipe is locked in the vault. But good staple ingredients for a solid home made salsa are tomatoes, onion and cilantro. You can’t forget fresh garlic and jalepenos if you want some spice. After that, add some more spice and flavor! Maybe some salt or even some lime juice. Play with it until you get a flavor your mouth can’t get enough of. 

5K UPDATE: Though I have veered off the path of getting ready for a 5K this summer (I blame my birthday…back in January), I do plan on doing my first 5K here in Parker, this September. More on that to come!


June 11th I’m hosting a tea party at my home for some of my very favorite people. Please check back for pictures, recipes and musings from what I hope to be a beautiful day!

June 13th is our family barbeque where lots of swimming and grilling will be had. What do the Friedlys (who typically don’t eat meat) grill for such occasion?? You will have to wait and see!!!

Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!