I have a question: can wives, mothers and daughters have a good Father’s Day? Maybe even more fun than the father or husband they are celebrating? Because I had a blast this Father’s Day! Even though it literally was 100 degrees outside (and we do NOT have air conditioning), plan B’s were happening all over the place food wise (I am so a plan A person), I was soaked by water at least twice, and my youngest fussed all day long, it was a pretty perfect day. 

me and my dad

Let me start by saying I have an amazing family. My Dad and I seem to be growing closer as he becomes more involved with my kiddos as grandpa Mike. My brothers are super easy to talk to and I always enjoy catching up with where they are in life. And my sister, well, we have a typical sister relationship….one day we are extremely close and our kiddos get along great, the next day, it’s World War III for the Blackburn girls. But I would do anything for her and her little boy, and I am pretty sure she knows that.
me and my brother jake
me and my sister amber...which pretty much sums up our relationship :)
me and my sister amber…which pretty much sums up our relationship 🙂
me and my brother Austin...we were so young here!
me and my brother Austin…we were so young here!
The day started by being able to take my nephew to church with us, while my brothers and sister took my Dad to the shooting range for Father’s Day. He was such a blessing to us! And it seemed like he really wanted to be there with us. It followed by us being accepted as members at a church we have been attending. A day couldn’t go wrong after that right??? With being in class 3 nights a week, my life has been more sparatic than I usually like. My house is a mess, clutter is multiplying, I’m doing things “on a whim”, I mean who does that? My plans are not planned, they just come together. And if this is happening with me only gone 3 nights a week, what’s life going to be like when I actually start working?? Oh gosh, I can’t think about that right now. With a day like Father’s Day, I like to show my Dad, and my husband how much they are appreciated and how much I love them. Yes, we need to be doing those things everyday, but I hardly see my Dad so being able to spoil him one or two days out of the year is something I look forward to. Anytime I host, gather or spoil someone, food is ALWAYS involved. It just so happens that my Dad and hubby have the same taste in food, so instead of engaging in the stereotypical Father’s Day grilling and meat fest, I decided to go another route. What better meal to serve on a very hot summer’s day than a nice, luscious, bowl of…..hot soup. Yep. Only I would consider going that route. My Dad and husband both love cioppino. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a seafood stew, usually with a tomato base sauce  and it originated off the east and west coasts the country. San Fransisco is famous for it. If you ever are in the Bay Area, stop by Scoma’s on the Fisherman’s Warf. The spread they have there, as my Dad tells it, is fit for a king. A lazy man’s bowl of cioppino (all shells removed from the fish), loaves of French bread and a good beer. I wouldn’t have beer with it, I’d go the wine route, but that is neither here nor there. Traditional cioppino, from what I know of it, is made with a tomato base and fish stalk, a white fish (cod, halibut, some even use salmon), and a variety of shell fish, usually with the shells still on. Cracking the shells off is just part of the experience of cioppino! In my stew, I chose to use cod, shrimp, blue crab, and clams. It’s not a cheap stew to make! Which is why I usually only make it when I want to bless someone. Mussels are real popular to use as well.

I have to say, this may have been the best yummy noises I have ever received from anything I’ve made. I’m usually known for cooking the “weird” food in my family. But today, I cooked something normal…well, maybe not normal to eat and in the heat of the summer, but normal none the less. Levi hasn’t ever had cioppino other than what I’ve made him, and I get better at it every time I do it. But my Dad, has been lucky enough to enjoy cioppino right off the coast of San Fransisco, made with seafood that was probably caught that day. So to get the praise I did from him, and tell me I nailed the stew, means the world to me. After a meal like that, Levi is more convinced than ever that I’m going into the wrong profession 😉

Next was dessert….I had to make dessert on Father’s Day right?? My Dad is really trying to watch his sugar and dairy products for health reasons, so I made a raw plant based lemon cheesecake. In other words, no eggs, dairy or refined sugar. Only whole foods. I’m really enjoying making raw desserts, especially because I don’t have to turn on my oven in this heat….oh and it tastes pretty good too. Oh ya and did I mention it was good for you?? Levi really loves lemon or citrus anything, and cheesecake. He licked his plate clean 🙂


The kids were in their swim suits the moment we got home from church, and played in the water all afternoon. It was so fun to watch them!

imageI also instagated an adult only water balloon fight, which ended well for everyone else but me! Like I mentioned earlier, I was soaked at least twice, by balloons, buckets being poured on me by the hubby and I think there was a hose in there somewhere as well. I was able to hit Levi with a water balloon and sprayed him and my brothers with the hose, but they over powered me. I am not match for them! I find such joy in being able to spend time like that with my siblings, 6 grown adult acting like kids for an afternoon is sometimes needed in this crazy thing we call life.

levi, me, jake and amber at a benefit for the Safehouse Denver
levi, me, jake and amber at a benefit for the Safehouse Denver
Now I need to give a quick shout out to my this fella…


As a Dad, he is as good as they come. I wrote in his father’s day card this year that watching him be the dad that he is, makes me a better mom. He teaches our kids things only Dads can, and helps me out so much when knows I need a break. He teaches Noah about what it means to be a boy, and to love bugs! He shows Abagail how a daughter and mother should be treated. He takes advantage of every second he has to bond with Liam. He disciplines our kids and most of all, he teaches our kids about God, and how they need to fear Him. Levi loves our kids, and I made the absolute right choice for the father of my kids.



Until next time….

Have a fabulous day!