Happy 4th of July! It was a great weekend for us as a family. My husband took a four day weekend which is always so amazing because, well he lets me sleep! With class and the craziness of our kids lately I’m exhausted. But after a few days of sleeping past 6AM, I feel refreshed and ready for my last 2 weeks of class. Crazy to think that in about 3 weeks, I will be eligible to take my board exams and become a CNA! I’m very excited to be taking this next step and look forward to seeing what’s out there job wise and hopefully finding the perfect one that suits me and my family. I will keep updates on this for sure. 

On another note, I’m 4 days into my nutritarian experiment and I have to say…who chooses to start something like this 4th of July weekend? First night, my husband brings home steak to grill. I guess he missed the memo that I was doing this. I failed miserably that night…I mean who says no to steak? Second day, I started off well again, but we were in the car traveling all day and I didn’t make wise choices. Let’s just skip the weekend as it all was an epic failure, but to me that’s ok. Maybe this weekend was a “test weekend” and Monday really started the 6 week plan (ya, lets go with that). Sunday, I had my oldest, bestest friend and her little boy over for lunch. We had tea sandwiches, a huge kale salad and cool, strawberry soup. It was so lovely to see her and catch up. But she brought brownies. Much like steak, who says no to brownies?? Levi also bought me my most favorite ice cream, a cashew cream snickerdoole ice cream, and I ate like half the small pint while enjoying a movie with him. Ugh, but it tastes so good! So I had my weekend of trials and failures, but Monday, the 4th of July 2016, I found freedom from my most tempting foods and finally had my first day of success. 

I started the day off with a smoothie (banana, frozen a blueberries, a handful of spinach, water and Skoop, which is a plant based protein powder), and 1/2 cup of steel cut oats with raisins and almond butter. Can I just say, YUM! The measurement of grains and healthy fats ( nuts, seeds, avocados) is all you need to measure during the 6 week plan.

For lunch, I had leftover kale salad that I made for when my friend was over the day before, and a big bowl of beans with salsa and avocado. That filled me right up! I was able to say no to what my family was eating, quesadillas. And my hubby wanted me to make him a chipotle ranch to go with them. Droooooolllll. But I didn’t even have a bite. I remained strong. And I was continuing on sucessfully. 

My Dad invited us up for a bbq that afternoon, and I knew I was going to have a really tough test. My dad was making cheeseburgers and bratwurst. I’ve said before, that a good burger is my true guilty pleasure. The burgers my Dad made were thick and juicy, and a good medium temperature. How do I know this, you may wonder? Well, I let Noah have one….and he hated it. Left it alone on his plate and asked for a hotdog instead. What was the matter with him??? You know as moms we tend to eat what’s leftover on our kids’ plates. Well, as hard as it was for me, I took that burger off Noah’s plate, and walked it right over to Levi for him to eat. Oh and did I mention Levi was eating another huge steak for dinner?? Agh! I brought a really big salad that I had two heaping plates full of : spinach, cucumbers, macadamia nuts, seeds, and home made dressing. I also brought watermelon. It actually filled me up and I didn’t have this heavy feeling in my gut that I would have had if I had eaten the 5 hamburgers I wanted to. I meant to bring a couple of veggie burgers for me but I forgot them at home. But I ended up having all I needed. 

The kids had a great time with my Dad, their grandpa Mike. He took them to the park ( ok they may have begged him over and over and over again to take them), and they played, jumped and screamed in the hot sun, and they couldn’t have been happier. After the park, was dessert…ice cream cones. Oh come on!! It actually wasn’t hard at all to say no, as it was vanilla. Now if it were my yummy, delicious, cashew ice cream with snicker doodle cookies inside, I may have stolen all the cones from the kids. It wasn’t until I took Liam (our youngest) from my husband so he could start lighting few firework for the kids, that I inherited his ice cream cone along with him. And it was dripping on my hand as Liam would take a bite, and although I didn’t want to lick my hand, first instinct is to do so. But I didn’t. I held strong. Like I said, it was vanilla…

After leaving my Dad’s just before dark, we got home just in time to put Liam to bed, before lighting our own fireworks outside of our home. We were also able to view other fireworks around the neighborhood. It was such a great evening, camped out in my folding chair next to Abagail and Noah, watching them and in awe of their reaction to the fireworks being set off before them. There was one firework Abagail loved and chuckled at because she said it was farting. I love my kids and I love my husband for doing this parenting thing with me. I love being free from temptation and bad thoughts of food…at least for today. I love where my life is and where it’s going.

Until next time….
Have a fabulous day!