It is rare that I am able to start my morning without the company of my 3 kiddos. Usually it’s them dragging me out of bed, requesting breakfast and our morning movie tradition. But this morning, I arose early to enjoy a cup of coffee, the morning sunrise on my patio, with the only noise in the background being that of birds chirping. I sat drinking my cup of joe, longing to read without any interruption. Now, I should have cracked open my Bible, continuing my study in the book of Romans. But this morning I chose to read other people’s blogs. It was fascinating to see people’s lives I don’t know, in pixel letters, and pictures of their travels, thoughts and muses. Now, most of what pulled up was food, travel and mom related, but one blog caught my eye. A blog relating alchemists and housewives, two things I don’t think anyone has compared, with a picture of what looks like an old oil painting. From first glance, this blog portrayed it to be a sophisticated and fascinating read. And it was! If you have a moment, clink on the link provided and support this blogger and his thoughts. It’s a short read, but one that will wake up your mind this morning. 

Inspired: Alchemists and housewives around a long table

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