You know that game people sometimes play at dinner parties? The game where everyone goes around the table and tells what their dream job is? C’mon you know it, you may even have a job in mind right now, what you would say if asked that question! I always say the same thing, my dream job would be to have my own at-home catering company (ok, most of the time I say I want to be a reporter for the Denver Broncos, but that’s neither here nor there).  I do dream of running a small catering business right out of my kitchen, catering to those I love and anyone they may refer to me. I could create my own menu, set my own days to work, and spend time in the place I feel the most comfortable in, a place that feels like home…my kitchen. I wouldn’t want to cater too big of parties, as it is just me. But showers, meetings, holiday parties, or just because you are having special people over to share a meal. Any reason, I dream of being able to serve people in that way! And hearing the yummy noises as they eat my food doesn’t hurt either.  🙂 

Last month, our church held an auction for the youth group, so they could raise money to go on a missions trip. As my way of contributing a service to the auction, I offered one year of home cooked meals, which is actually 12 meals, one meal per month. When I heard who bought my meals (and actually was in a bidding war for them!) I was more than excited. The woman who I will be serving this next year is a very kind hearted and welcoming woman. While trying to make our new church feel like home, she has listened to my struggles, has lent me a shoulder to cry on, and she has welcomed my kiddos and always greets us with a smile on Sunday mornings. So, to learn I get to serve her and her family for the next year, I couldn’t think of a better person. 

So….12 meals. These 12 meals need to be amazing, they need to be authentic and most importantly, they need to taste good! This woman and her family deserve fine dining….although I can’t afford that, I need to replicate it as much as I can. Most of you probably know that I love planning meals and creating new things. These 12 meals give my tummy butterflies and put a smile on my face. Serving shouldn’t be a selfish act, but cooking food for other people, I can’t help but get a true feeling of satisfaction from it. I hope God blesses these meals and uses them to bring a family closer together in fellowship around a dinner table. The woman is planning on inviting her son and his new bride over for dinner once a month, and she wants my meals to be what they gather around. No pressure!!! I do want to share with you, what I cook and how it is received. I’m nervous of course, and hope I can provide the meals this woman was hoping for when she bought them. 

Each meal will have a salad, main course and dessert. The first meal, I plan on going simple, but so yummy. Quinoa stuffed bell peppers, tossed kale salad with a sweet citrus vinegarette and chocolate zucchini brownies. My mouth is watering just writing about this food! I emailed her the morning I was dropping the food off, letting her know the menu for the evening. A little fancy spin I added to this little adventure. 

Kale salad has become one of my favorite salads to make. The recipe I use for potlucks, meal blessings or any day of the week is one I created by accident. I use many different kinds of kale (if the crop looks good at the store) as well as another green leaf lettuce. I create a nut crumble using nutritional yeast, pecans and olive oil. Last, I make a very simple citrus vinaigrette using olive oil, balsamic vinegar and orange juice. I top the salad with raisins or craisins, whatever I have on hand.

I found a really good recipe for stuffed peppers. Of course I added my own spin on them, but for a simple, healthy meal, you couldn’t go wrong with this one!

I started making these brownies a couple of months ago, and I usually pull them out when company comes over. 2 cups of zucchini goes in to these bad boys! And no oil is a win. I serve them with homemade chocolate whip cream. 

I had a wonderful time putting this meal together. When I dropped it off, the woman said that this meal looked like a gourmet meal. I felt so honored to hear that!! I hope it tasted as good as it looked for her. I’m excited to plan the next meal for her. I’ll keep you posted! 
Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!