These 10 days I feel like I have a good rhythm going. Smoothies for breakfast have helped a TON. But where I see myself struggling to stick to the plan is when I’m out in public or having people over. I tend to be ok with veering off of it when I shouldn’t be ok with it. I should maintain the path as much as I can, otherwise I won’t benefit from the full results. Hopefully I don’t have too many occasions the next week where I’m away from home, and I can maintain the plan as much as possible. 

It’s been a crazy week or so! Lots going on, summer slowly coming to an end. Here’s what my kiddos have been up to….

Noah Jumping off the roof….this is a must see! Click to watch 

Abby Jumping on the Trampoline
Liam playing with a balloon

I have a job fair at school this week. Hoping to interview with as many hospitals as I can, getting my name out there, and feel out jobs they have available right now and see if one is for me. I’m in no hurry to find one, other than I really hope to work with birthing mamas again. But I will wait until I find the right job that works for me and my family. If the right job isn’t out there right now, Levi and I have discussed me taking a phlebotomy class this fall. I will keep you posted. 

Day 18
Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Salad and beans, brought Levi lunch at work  

Dinner: Chipotle (veggie bowl) 

Day 19

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Salad and fruit

Dinner: Cousins over! Peanut noodles with cut veggies, fruit and cookies

Day 20

Lunch: Chick-fil-a lunch as a family, I had a chicken less salad with fruit

Dinner: Quinoa and kale 

Day 21

Lunch: Left over peanut noodles, grapefruit

Dinner: Kale, tomato and white bean soup, salad 

Day 22

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Salad and grapefruit

Snack: chickpea crackers and almond butter

Day 23

 Breakfast: Edamame noodles, onions- had to change it up!

Lunch: Kale and cabbage salad, nibbled on my kids’ sandwiches 

Dinner: Left over BBQ tofu and kale cabbage salad

Day 24

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Hummus and carmelized sandwich and salad

Dinner: Quinoa stuffed bell peppers, salad and “healthy peanut butter pie”  we had company over for dinner, so dessert is a must. But I made a plant based peanut butter pie with no added sugar. 

Day 25

Not feeling well, ate a banana

Day 26

Breakfast: Quinoa and black beans with salsa

Lunch: Salad and fruit

Dinner: Date night at chipotle, spicy chai with soy milk

Day 27

Lunch: Past salad, watermelon, tons of water

Dinner: Salad, quinoa with marinara sauce 

Day 28

Brrakfast: quinoa breakfast bowl

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: left over quinoa stuffed bell peppers
Until next time….
Have a fabulous day!