Ok, so I’m going to take a break from food, mom and life blogs and spill my excitement over to you that…..it’s football season!!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!! I am a die-hard football fan. Correction: I am a die-hard DENVER BRONCOS fan!! Born and raised in the mile high city, orange and blue is in my blood. I would take out a second mortgage on my house to go to the Super Bowl and see my Donkeys play (my husband, may not approve tho). There are other teams I root for and follow, the New York Football Giants is one of them, because I have to root for a team rooted in the greatest city in the world, right? 😉🏈🏉🌆🏙🌃

 I wasn’t able to catch all of the pouncing in last night’s preseason game against Foxy and the Chicago Bears (I am still a wife and Mom of 3 little guys, even during football season), but I saw enough to be excited for this season. I woke up and read the Mile High Report, only to see the dominance from my team jump off my iPad. My favorite line: “the defense is back, like terminator back.” Hahahahaha and that is so right. I also read an article from the Chicago Bears, stating that some of the Bears were upset with how physical the Broncos D was in a preseason game. My favorite line from that article: ” …well the Broncos blitz in the regular season too so you better practice for it”. I listened to The Fan this AM, and Troy Rank for Denver 7 responds to the cranky complaints out of Chicago by saying “well this is th NFL. If you don’t like the blitzing and the pressure, then stop it! Don’t tell another team how they should be playing you. They are professional football players, how else do you expect these guys to prove they can play without giving it 100 percent (referring to the Broncos 2nd and 3rd string, and preseason games are their tryouts)?” 

The Broncos D, without Ware, Miller, Harris and Talib still dominated the game, allowing only 130 yards and pitched a shut out. Yes, yes I am aware it’s only preseason and they probably did not get 100 percent effort from the Chicago Bears. But it has to be encouraging to the “doubters” and “skeptics” out there that didn’t think the Broncos would have enough talent on defense this year to make a run for a championship repeat. Now before anyone starts hollaring “repeat? Seriously!!! With Mark Sanchez??” I am not saying that the Denver Broncos are going to repeat as Super Bowl Champions this season, let alone make it. But…why can’t they make a playoff run? If they could win the Super Bowl with the quarterback play they had last season (we all know it was the defense that won Super Bowl 50), then why not put your faith in the Broncos D this year?? The offense is going to be better this year, it has to be. Is it going to be an offense resembling the New England Patriots? No. Maybe even Greenbay or San Diego? Probably not. But it will be better than last year, even if we have Mark Sanchez leading the way. We have a running game, and we have a super bowl winning, offensive minded head coach. And the defense, dare I say, is going to be better than last season??!! Too soon to tell, yes I know. But holding a team to 130 yards in the preseason, a time when no one expects a team to do much, has to tell you that….the Denver Broncos are back and they are in it to win it!!! 

Click the link below to read the full Mile High Report from this morning. It will get your heart pumping! 

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Denver Broncos Mile High Report

not gonna lie, im gonna miss this rivalry
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