I am part of a cooking group, and can I just say that I adore the ladies I cook with!!?? It’s a group of women that get together once a month for a themed potluck, or during the holidays it’s a cookie exchange, or something fun like a kitchen gadget exchange. It’s been a real nice way for me to get to know people in my town, as I knew no one when we moved to Parker. Being a stay at home, I don’t get out often. Each month, a different women hosts and opens up her home to about 15 to 20 women. I am hosting next month! I don’t see any of these women outside of this group, but for 3 hours a month, I am around food enthusiasts, sipping wine and talking about life as a mom, a working mom, an empty nester or college student. Women of all ages are a part of this group! That’s what makes it so amazing and comforting for me to be a part of it. I have been a part of this group for about 10 months now, and my favorite get together has been getting together and making raviolis from scratch. I mean, how does anything compare to homemade butternut squash raviolis with a sage brown butter sauce?? It doesn’t. The raviolis were phenomenal. I couldn’t get enough. 

This month, our potluck theme was “farmer’s market”. We were supposed to buy a fruit or veggie from the local farmer’s market and highlight it in a dish.  I chose to highlight tomatoes and fresh basil in a yummy herb and goat cheese dip I found on Pinterest.  It was so creamy and flavorful!! I served the dip with fresh veggies and toasted bread. I recommend it to anyone in need of a potluck dish to share, or over a glass of wine with your hubby on an at home date night. The basil, goat cheese and garlic really stand out and your taste buds will do a little dance when eat this dip. Enjoy! 

Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!