14 years ago, I didn’t know where my life was going to end up. I was working full time at a retail store in the mall, trying to figure out how to help my mom through the hardest thing she has ever dealt with in her life in my dad leaving, and not exactly sure if I was going to go to college. 18 was a weird age. But here I am, married to a wonderful man I met in that retail store 14 years ago (almost exactly), college graduate and mom of 3 amazing, life changing children. I’ve lived in different places, seen different things, have had a good handful of jobs. And my family, for the most part, has stayed the same, with a few wonderful additions with weddings and the birth of babies.

But if there is one part of my life that I never want to take for granted, it’s the friendship I have with a very dear person, someone who God brought into my life 9 years ago. If it weren’t for her and her very kind and patient husband,  I wouldn’t be here today. And I can’t exaggerate that enough. They brought me back from a very difficult time in my life 2 years ago, and I know, if needed, they would do it again. I didn’t see the relationship between her and I forming so close until I was at the birth of her first child, and I just knew her and I were going to be friends for a long, long time. I write to you today, in hope, that her and I will be life long friends.

My beautiful friend and her husband are embarking on a great adventure over the next 9 months. Her husband is a seminary student, as well as an elementary school principal, and has been instructed to finish up his schooling in Pittsburgh, PA. Which means, they have to live there. Needless to say, I am a little torn up about their having to leave. They have 5 kiddos that are my kids’ best friends in the whole world. And they are no longer an hour drive to go hang out, more like 24 hours. But, in the midst of my selfish pitty, I am also so excited for them. For 9 months, they will be a handful of hours from some of the most amazing cities in the country, my favorite city (NYC) is one of them. They also get to stay in an old bungalow, and experience city life in one of the greatest cities, with vast amounts of parks for the kids to explore, and shops and local food to try. So much culture is going to be there for them to discover! Her husband is not working this next year, and only has seminary work to worry about. What a wonderful gift of family time they have been given!!! This is an amazing adventure to be on and I can’t imagine a family that is more deserving than them.

I’m not worried about our friendship suffering from having almost 2000 miles between us. Texting has always been something we do well. Plus, we have plans to go out and visit them soon. The more I think about her and the fruitful life God has given her, I’m just so grateful I get to be a part of it.

Until Next Time…

Have a Fabulous Day!