I’ve written before that my family has a cabin up in Jefferson Colorado. It belonged(s) to my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family. They bought the land sometime in the 80’s (oh don’t quote me on that date) and eventually built a cabin on the land to live in after they retired, making their way to Arizona for the winter. When I was a child, we would go camping up there, long before there was a cabin. I joke with my kids when we go up there that when I was their age, I would poop in these woods, pointing to the ground by a tree. They laughed at me, and then asked me when they can poop in a hole in the ground. Oh kids. 

It was a good trip. Went to the lake, built a fort, ate at the giant hot dog stop on 285 aka Coney Island (for the first time ever in my life!) and Noah shot his bow and arrow. And Liam got into everything. But then again, he’s one. 

We were very lucky this trip, so many animals came right up to our car and the kids went crazy!!! We rolled Liam’s window down so he could see them up close and personal, he was so happy. Levi was able to get out and pet horses and cows. We also saw buffaloes and moose. 

The kids fought over the tree swing we hung last year and Levi and Noah built a fort. Next time, we should bring some items to fill the fort…what ever those may be. 🙂 We enjoyed s’mores by the camp fire, shooting bows and arrows and exploring the land around the cabin. It’s a real peaceful place to be.

The Jefferson/Bailey area has some pretty interesting attractions. I really love family traditions, and this camping trip is turning into one, as well as stopping at a local cafe for lunch in Bailey on the way to the cabin. The Cutthroat Cafe. It’s a real neat and typical cafe, you walk in and it smells like left over breakfast. So awesome. And it helps raise money for a young girl who was shot and killed at the local middle school in town a few years ago. The food is real typical diner food: sandwiches, fries, breakfast served all day, burgers made from local meats, and salads. But their green chili….well let’s just say the only place I would not hesitate to say yes to green chili cheese fries, is at this cafe. So. Stinking. Good. 

I also was able to stop into the local winery in Bailey, Aspen Peak Cellars, and buy my first ever bottle of port wine: a Mocha Port. Oh it was yummy. Not sure when I will ever open it, but hey I can say I have a bottle and I got it from a local Colorado winery. They have a wine club membership that includes wine and dinner, cooked for you by the owners and makers of the wine, who also happen to be trained chefs. 

Jefferson has a local gas stop we turn at just before we hit the trail thru the hills, and they sell fudge made by some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. 

 Terryall Reservoir is the lake near the cabin. Though we did not posses a fishing license this trip, that didn’t stop us from getting our feet wet. 🙂

There is a lot going on in my life right now, and I think I’m finally ready to share it. I passed my CNA boards and am officially a CNA! Woohooo!! I have also been interviewing for a job at a hospital as a patient safety attendant. The shift is 7pm to 7am, 3 nights a week. It’s considered full time. It’s a tough shift, but this gets my foot in the door into a career I will hopefully love for years. I have my third interview next week, and hopefully I will know by then if this is the job for me. I’ve had some feedback from the few people I’ve told about this job that I won’t be able to do it, as the hours are tough. And they are, it’s going to take some getting used to, as well as planning on my part to make sure I’m getting enough rest, while still taking care of my family, marriage and home. But it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. My husband supports me in this decision and we are adjusting our lives to make it work for us. Abagail will most likely be going to pre-school at Noah’s school, 2 days a week, something she’s been begging to do since the beginning of summer. Our life is changing, and it feels like they’re good changes. My mood has been different since I’ve started pursuing this change, I’m happier, I feel almost normal again. And this shift won’t be forever, after a year or so of working this shift, I can apply for something else. My cousin who is a nurse at a hospital I hope to work at someday, says you can do anything, even if  it’s something you don’t like it, for 12 hours. Life is good right now. And I’m praying that it stays that way. 🙂 

Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!!