I had the pleasure of making the cake and sweets for a baby shower this past month. My mother in law hired me to provide the cake for a baby shower she was attending…I was not invited to it, as I didn’t the know the person. This was my first official “job” cooking/baking for someone and it was worth every minute I spent doing it! I learned a lot about coloring naturally and how much trial and error happens in baking (I cooked the cake 3 different times…I’ll get to that).  My mother in law hired me because she trusted I could make cakes free of oils, GMO’s, dyes, white sugar and animal products. The cakes also had to be gluten free. I was up to the challenge and I did not want to let her down. 

My mother in law asked for 2 cakes or one cake and cupcakes. I asked her if cake balls and a cake would be alright, lighter portions and easier to make gluten free (for the recipes I really wanted to use that is). She was delighted with my idea. She didn’t specify cake flavors or toppings, so I had a lot of options to work with. I found a trusted gluten free recipe using plant based flours, such as potato, brown rice, tapioca and almond meal, that I used for the cake. It took me 3 times to get it right. It’s very difficult to get gluten free cakes to rise! You’re measurements and ratios have to be spot on. I wanted to make the cake into a onesie, and make the cake balls chocolate brownie bites. The recipe for the brownie bites that I’ve been adapting as my own, are from an idea I saw from this recipe. They are super fudgey, you can’t even tell that they are made with….black beans. 🙂 

The mom was having a sweet baby girl and wanted a purple and green baby shower. How do I color frosting green and purple without using food coloring?? Well, I made my own. I learned that by using spinach and blueberries, I could make my own dye free, safe purple and green food coloring. If you’re curious how to do it and want to give it a try, click here. It worked  out really well, and I felt good about giving the mama her purple cake! 

I decorated the brownie bites with lavender colored sugar (also dye free), and mini chocolate chips. I put them in purple and green mini cupcake cups. Fun! 

This project was real enjoyable for me and the mom really liked the purple onesie cake. I hope I have the pleasure of doing this again soon! 

Until Next Time…

Have a fabulous Day!