Oh this adventure is more than half over!! I must say I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, cooking meals for this family and their family and friends. Trying new recipes for them, and discovering old favorites. This meal, I made while living out of boxes….we were still living in our old home and I was working that weekend. But I still made time to cook my seventh meal for this family at church. I chose to make beef enchiladas….I had never made beef enchiladas before! I make veggie enchiladas all of the time, yes, but beef….I’ve never dabbled! So it was an experiment for sure! Here’s the menu for meal seven out of one Year of Meals: 


-Spinach Salad

-Ground Beef Enchiladas with Homemade Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream

-Chocolate Cream Pie (my secret vault recipe!)

I made this meal on a Sunday in February, after working the night before. I made the chocolate cream pie before taking a nap, to ensure it had time to set. This pie, is super simple to make. The crust is gluten free, just a mixture of nuts and dates (and maybe a secret ingredient or two 🤗) and the pie itself is just chocolate…with another secret ingredient or two…! 

 I made my salsa before I slept as well, though that I was not as happy with it, because I packed up a lot of my spices already. Oops!!! It was still good, but I may have went a little overboard on the cumin….

The beef enchiladas were also simple…ish. I ground the beef with what spices I did have, then wrapped them into corn tortillas. I also have my own enchilada sauce that I just covered them in, because who likes a dry enchilada?? I sure don’t! I then topped them with a generous amount of peperjack cheese, a little spice is wonderful! I baked them at 375 until the cheese was nice and bubbly and the corn tortillas had a little crips to them. It’s different for every oven and every enchilada in my opinion. 

The spinach salad 🥗 is just a simple salad anyone can throw together!! I just used whatever ingredients I normally have on hand for salads: spinach, bell peppers, rainbow carrots, cucumbers, nuts and seeds! And top it with your favorite dressing or oil and vinegar works well too. What ever suites your pallet! 

Last but certainly not least…a good cook always has wine 🍷 while they’re cooking!! 😝

I’m pretty sure that we are doubling up meals this month or next, as I didn’t make any in March because of the move!

Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!