Oh man…Life is crazy right now! It’s May, so school is winding down. But I’ve signed up to provide the gifts for Teacher Appreciation week at school, and that’s time consuming. Soccer is also ending for my daughter, and that means that soon baseball will start for my oldest son. We have the director’s retreat in Vail again this year (2 night get away for the hubby and I so excited!), as well as various things needing our time and attention: staff meetings, care group, BBQ’s, birthday parties and house projects. All the craziness comes to an end with a trip to California at the end of the month, which is hopefully when life will slow down a bit. I cannot wait for summer in our new home. I also cannot wait for all the projects to be done to our home. Ugh 

I provided the 8th meal for the family at church in the midst of all of life’s craziness, and it was well received. I came across this recipe last year, when I was in school and needed a yummy crockpot meal. I make it from time to time, especially when I have meat-a-tarians over for dinner. 

Meal 8 Menu: 

  • Kale Salad with a Citrus Vinegarette
  • Mexican Chili with Corn Bread Topping 
  • Nutella Oatmeal Cookies

Can I just say that I cannot get enough Kale Salad?? I try to make a variation of this salad everyday to eat through out the day, and it really hits the spot. And we all know how I feel about kale! 

The really neat thing about this Chili is that it cooks all day in your crockpot (what busy mom doesn’t love that!) and when it’s almost done cooking, you pour Jiffy muffin mix on top and then cover it and let it cook for an hour more. Once done, you have corn bread cooked on top of your chili….it’s so cool!!! And it’s really, really good! Seriously, you have to try this recipe. Side note: I make a vegetarian version of this by subbing the chicken for black beans. Tastes just as good. And a Jiffy now has a vegetarian corn muffin mix also, using nut milk and a flax egg option. 

The Nutella Cookies I made just to have an excuse to buy Nutella. I’m not kidding. That stuff is such an indulgence for me! Good thing the recipe used most the jar, so there was only minimal amount of spoonfuls that I consumed. 🤗 the recipe calls for peanut butter, but I used almond butter because of a peanut allergy in the family. I do NOT recommend that substitute, as it made the cookies more runny and they didn’t set well. But they were still super yummy! I mean it’s Nutella….how could they not be??!!

(My pictures are awful this meal I’m so sorry!! Better ones next time 😝)

I am hoping to have some BIG news to share with you soon…I’ll keep ya posted! 

Until next time…

Have a fabulous day!