Ok, so we’ve been living in our new home for 3 months now, and it has been project after project for us. My previous blog about our new home, I showed you the inside renovations (which we are now jokingly calling phase one), now we have outside ones, and a few more inside. We’re hoping someday soon the craziness will stop and we can just enjoy our new home! We thought we were done with house projects after our initial inside changes. But our insurance company did not approve of the outside paint wear and tear, as well as the broken windows, and of course, the pre existing hail damage. The siding top to bottom was a mess, as the house is made of wood mostly and was in major need of some TLC. Needless to say, our insurance company was going to cancel our policy if we didn’t address their concerns. Which brings us to phase 2: prime, scrape, caulk and replace damaged siding, and repaint entire exterior of the house; and phase 3, replacing all of the upper level windows (where the bedrooms are). As I mentioned in my previous blog, we were going to do the windows in phases, as they are so expensive! Well, that plan went out the window…..(I’ll pause for chuckles!) We are fairly certain that the windows we replaced were the originals from when it was built in 1980. They were metal and had absolutely no insulation. They sure did last a long time but boy were they shot!  

Any who, here are the before and after pics for phase 2 and phase 3 of our very first home renovation: 

Exterior of house before:

Exterior of house after:

We also replaced the 2 back doors to the deck and back yard. The old ones were so annoying. They didn’t close properly, or lock. They were super drafty as well. The trim was also rotting out around the doors so all of that was replaced. 

Back exterior doors before:

Back exterior doors after: 

I’m sure you don’t want to see a picture of every window we had replaced, so here’s just a few. With the exception of the 5 floor to ceiling windows on the west side of the house we had replaced, that I had mentioned in my previous blog (which were done by Renewal by Anderson), our new windows are simple, white vinyl Pella windows. They look so much better than old, black metal! And it’s sure nice to be able to open the windows at night now that it’s summertime! Again, all the trim was rotted around the windows, so it was replaced. I’m not sure how the previous owners made it without being able to open ANY of windows in the house. The upper level windows did not have screens, and the floor to ceiling windows on the main level were not able to open, so there was no air flow coming through. It’s so much nicer now! 

Windows after:

Master bedroom sink update!! 
After what seems like forever, we finally got our master sink vanity and have working sinks in our bathroom! No more using the kids’ bathroom to brush teeth and straighten my hair 😂

Master sink before (just a refresher)

Master sink after: 

Now on to phase 4….ummmm what??? Yep, phase 4 came up while the paint crew was prepping the house to be primed. The front 6 windows of the home, above the garage, (you can see them in the picture of the house above) are so bad that they’re sinking into the window frame. So, add 6 more floor to ceiling windows to this loooonnnggggg project! Again, our intent was to wait on replacing these as long as we could… 😩 They won’t be in for another two weeks or so, but once they are in, every frame will be torn out and replaced, as well as the rotted siding the painters are certain is under the current window trim. After all that we’ve had done to our home over the past three months, it’s starting to feel like we have a brand new house! Well, almost….the master bath and basement bath are next on the list of renovations, and eventually new drywall. But I hope that’s a few years into the future…our bank account needs us to slow down! 

If our bank account could make expressions….
Until next time….

Have a fabulous day!!